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This product page last updated - Tuesday January 23, 2018 12:40 PM
Consignment items for sale for our customers.
On this page we will be listing speciality items for sale as requested by some of our customers.
Condition of these items are as described to us by our customers.
Asking price is set by the customer - If you wish to make an offer let us know and we will pass on to the owners.
Warranty for the items, will be as described to us by our customers.
Additional pictures can/will be available upon request.
Unless stated otherwise - items are held at the original customer's warehouse.

On this page you will also find any Specials that we have.
This may include any items that we normally do not handle but have in stock.

Original Retail Value Paid by Purchaser

Softac Systems Ltd
Digi-Start - Microprocessor Controlled Solid State Starter
Model # DS-75-4-C
480 VAC - 3 Phase
75 HP Rated - 104 FLA
Date Code Feb 2004 - S/N 3863
NEW - Critical Spare from storeroom of a closed mill.
It has been properly stored in a dry heated area.
Instruction manual included.

Dimensions and Weights:
20" x 10" x 7" - 27.4 Lbs
51 x 25 x 16 Cm - 12.5 Kg
$4200.00 CDN   $1,200.00   $996.00

Hermary OPTO Scan Head Model HDS 050-3
Factory New in orginal box - C/W HDS 2XT Interface card.
Cables are not included, but we can source them for you - Price to be determined for the cables.
This is a sender receiver pair - sequential serial numbers as seen in the pictures below.
Shipping weight is over 80 Lbs.

Original Cost was $12,000.00 to $15,000.00 per set!
$4000.00 CDN